About us

A good physician treats the disease but great physician treat the patient who has disease” which is find in us….

Healing hands and caring hearts because your good health is our greatest achievement
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About us

Shivam Nursing Bureau is a nursing agency which primarily provides nurses in Delhi and NCR region. It has been founded by Mrs.Kanta Gupta, who has been in the profession of nursing for more than forty years. Apart from Nursing, she has undergone training in Public Health Nursing.

Not only this, she has also done a Training Programme on Management Development for Nursing Administration, organized by the Academy of Hospital Administration, New Delhi.

She has worked in India and abroad and has recently been retired from Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines, Delhi after serving it for more than seventeen years as its Nursing Superintendent.

The ultimate objective of Shivam Nursing Bureau is to provide excellent post medical/surgical nursing care to patients.

We have at our disposal dedicated well behaved and soft spoken male/female Nurses, Physio Therapists, Ayas, Male/Female patient attendants. Our staff is aptly advised and trained to follow the discharge summary advice after the patient has been discharged from the hospital.

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Excellent Post Operative Care

We specialize our staff in Post Operative care for Knee Replacement, Hip replacement etc Operations.

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24/7 Emergency

We at Shivam Nursing BUreau have Well trained and Experienced Nursing staff available for 24/7 care.

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Qualified Team

Our Nursing staff, attendants and Aya are Well trained, Experienced and Qualified for Nursing tasks.