Nursing services in South Delhi

Nursing services in South Delhi

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Nursing services in South Delhi

Most of the elderly in this generation find it difficult to go to a hospital to get their health checked. Also, they don’t have anyone to care of them at home. Today’s lifestyle has changed so much with children pursuing their studies or working abroad, while parents stay back in India without anyone to take care in case of an immediate health crisis. Nursing services in South Delhi has the best solution by providing health and nursing care to the sick and elderly patients in the city directly at the comforts of their home.

Services they provide

✔ Vaccination and injections – The home nursing services help in providing regular vaccination at the comforts of your home. It is exhausting to go to a hospital and stand for your turn for such a small and simple procedure. The home nursing services also provide flexibility in their service by allowing you to choose your own time for vaccination.

✔ Physiotherapy- Elderly people have a greater risk of falling due to age-related illness such as poor eyesight, heart disease and more. In order to help such patients with routine physical exercises, the home Nursing services in South Delhi ensure that the patients get their daily dose of physical therapy at the comforts of their home.

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✔ Medication monitoring- Almost all elders today are dependent on medicines. Elders with children living far away from them find it difficult to remember and take their medicines on time. Home nursing services provide help by assisting them in giving their medicines on time and monitoring the dose every time.

✔ Emergency care- Sick patients, especially the elderly, find it difficult to contact a reliable person or family member, to come immediately at their rescue in case of an emergency. In such cases, home Nursing services in South Delhi allocate a skilled nurse who is available in the vicinity of their living and who can be relied on to carry out the first aid as well as help them in emergency care.

✔ Post-surgical care- Patients who have undergone surgery cannot get up from their beds and carry out daily activities. Nurses skilled in patient care are at your rescue round the clock to assist you in your day-to-day activities.

✔ Wound care- The elderly need not worry about the exhaustive process of visiting a hospital to tend to their wounds. With experienced and trained nurses who visit their home and dress up their wounds through home nursing services, wound care is no more concern among the patients.

✔ Enabling mobility- Sick patients require assistance to walk and move from their beds. It is observed that patients who do not get up from their beds have very fewer chances of recovery or have a delayed recovery process.

✔ Assistance in personal hygiene- Patient, especially the elderly,need help even to carry out their basic needs like visiting the bathroom for urination and bathing. Home nursing services in South Delhi ensure that you get the best caretaker who helps you carry out your basic activities with ease.

✔ Assistance with meals- Patients especially the elderly need to focus on their food intake. However with the severity of their illness, most of them find it even difficult to get out of the bed, requiring the need of a caretaker who can not only feed them their meals but also monitor their diet.