Patient Attendant in East Delhi

Patient Attendant in East Delhi

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Patient Attendant in east Delhi

Home nursing services are growing in recent times with more number of age-related illnesses rising in the world. Elderly patients who cannot go to the hospitals find the home nursing services as the best alternative as they provide the best patient attendant who offers quality medical assistance at the comforts of your home.

Why do we need Patient Attendant in east Delhi


✔ Comfort

✔ Safety

✔ Round the clock nursing support

✔ Assistance in emergency

✔ Personal care

✔ Reliability

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When do you require a home nursing service?

Patient Attendant in east Delhi - Extremely sick patients suffering from chronic illness or illness that bind them from getting out of their bed to need assistance in not only managing their medications but also in carrying out their daily basic needs like eating and bathing. Similarly, elderly patients find it difficult to travel and get their health regularly checked up in a hospital. With the help of nursing services offered at their home, they can get their health monitored regularly without having to walkupto the hospital.

How do they help you?

The nursing support offers varied services based on the needs of the patient like:

✔ Post-surgery care –Patients who have undergone surgery, require complete personal and medical assistance in order to heal completely.

✔ Personal care – From feeding meals to assisting them to the bathroom, the patients require a personal caretaker who can assist them in their daily needs.

✔ Emergency care- The patient attendant, should be aware of the basic first aid and treatment to be given to the patient in case of an emergency.

✔ Wound dressing- Tending to the wounds and regular cleaning of the wounds and injuries is necessary to avoid contriving wound infections.

✔ Physiotherapy- By providing regular guidance and exercise routine to the patients, they can help the patients to improve their physical performance.

✔ Occupational therapy- By organizing social and recreational activities, occupational therapists aid patients with physical or mental illness, helping them improve their motor responses and cognitive skills. Not just sick people, today it has become common for elders to lose their memory as they age. Thus, by providing occupational therapy, the patients, as well as the elders, can maintain their mental and physical health.

✔ Home and health care Patients who are bedridden find it difficult to carry out day-to day household chores. The patient attendant helps in doing light household chores like buying groceries and cooking meals as to help the patients in their daily activities.

✔ Medication management It is the responsibility of the patient attendant to manage and monitor the medications for the patient.

Which is the right home nursing service?

It is important to choose the right nursing service to ensure efficient service and quality support to the patient. It is necessary to answer the following questions before choosing the right nursing service:

1. Does the nursing service administrator have a valid medical license?

2. Do the nursing services offered to meet your needs?

3. Is the cost of the service within your budget?

4. Is the patient attendant experienced and skilled?

5. Does the service cover a wide range of medical assistance?

6. Is the nurse or patient attendant available round the clock?

7. How are the reviews of patients who have availed the particular nursing service?